ISIT 2021 Paper Submission

Please complete the following fields carefully. The data that you enter here will be used in the published conference proceedings, so be certain that the data is accurate. These fields are required.

Paper Title

Title should EXACTLY match the paper submitted. Avoid using LaTeX codes in the paper title; all elements in the title should be representable in a Unicode font.

Make sure the full title is entered; beware of line breaks when pasting from a PDF file.

Paper Abstract

Limit the abstract text to about 750 characters. Beware of line breaks and spurious hyphens when pasting from a PDF file.

Paper Topic

Choose a submission topic for your paper.

Review Topic:

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2021 Jack Keil Wolf ISIT Student Paper Award

For student authors: if you wish to have your paper considered for this student paper award, then please tick the checkbox labeled "This paper is eligible for the 2021 IEEE Jack Keil Wolf ISIT Student Paper Award" within the submission form.

Requirements for eligibility:
  1. One or more authors of the paper must be students1.
  2. The principal author2 of the paper must be a student.
  3. The principal author2 of the paper must present the paper at ISIT 2021.
  1. To be classified as a student, an author must be registered as a student at an educational institution at the time of paper submission.
  2. An author is classified as the principal author of a paper if all non-student authors certify that that author is the principal author.

Important Information

Paper Registration Policy

  1. Each paper incurs a presentation fee and at least one author of the paper must register as an attendee.
  2. Papers that are not presented at ISIT 2021 by an author will not be published either in the proceedings or in IEEE Xplore, unless the TPC chairs grant explicit permission for a substitute presenter in advance of the event who is qualified to present the paper and to answer questions.
  3. The materials in the paper must not have been published or submitted for possible publication in conference proceedings elsewhere, or have been published or accepted for publication as part of a journal paper, at the time of submission.