All Dates/Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

#ISIT_Virtual? Yes!

The ISIT 2021 symposium will be a virtual event. We postponed this decision as much as possible, but it is now clear that an in-person event in Melbourne next July is impractical due to too many uncertainties. Given this, we are committed to delivering a new experience for ISIT 2021 participants β€” we are planning an interactive virtual conference, where real-time online participation for all accepted papers will be possible:

  • ISIT 2021 will run over nine days: 12–20 July 2021*, to reduce “Zoom fatigue”
  • All tutorials are included in registration and will run on Saturday and Sunday (17–18 July)
  • Sessions will be spread over different times to facilitate participation from all over the world
  • Authors of papers will provide short lightning presentations followed by Q&A, as well as a long video for offline viewing

We are aiming to provide the following exciting features on a state-of-the-art virtual platform:

  • Plenaries and regular sessions will be recorded and kept on the platform for some time after the event
  • Participants will be able to arrange private meetings to discuss research and engage with each other
  • Interactive social events will be available to encourage networking
  • Expect a few nice surprises!

This highly interactive virtual conference is an experiment for all of us, but theory guarantees it is achievable πŸ˜‰. Successful convergence will crucially depend on the active engagement of all participants. This format will enable networking for junior participants, connecting them to the IT Society. And for seasoned attendees, it is sure to be an eye-opening experience.

Given this important update and the fact that planning for in-person travel is no longer required, we are pleased to announce the deadline for paper submission is extended to 27 January 2021. The paper submission portal will open by 6 January 2021. Notification of acceptance is 23 April 2021. Please check this website regularly for announcements and updates. We thank all authors for their understanding and patience.

β€”The ISIT2021 Organizing Committee

* Dates are based on Australian Eastern Standard Time. Your date for the Symposium are time zone dependent.