All Dates/Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


  1. To get full access to the ISIT 2021 virtual platform, including all tutorials, each registered person must select a valid type of attendance and pay the corresponding fee.
  2. Each accepted paper incurs a presentation fee, which can be selected and paid for during your registration process. Before paying your paper presentation fees, make sure your co-authors have not already paid for it. Refunds for multiple payments for the same paper will not be possible.
  3. An author of multiple papers may present all his/her papers with a single attendance fee. See below for some examples.
  4. Access to the ISIT 2021 virtual platform is not automatic for all co-authors. At the time of uploading the paper presentation material (videos and slides by May 28), the fee-paying author has the option to nominate another co-author as the presenter, provided that the nominated presenter also registers for attendance.
  5. Papers that are not presented at ISIT 2021 by an author will not be published either in the proceedings or in IEEE Xplore, unless the TPC chairs grant explicit permission for a substitute presenter in advance of the event who is qualified to present the paper and to answer questions.
Standard Late (after June 25)
Paper presentation fee (by May 10) 135 AUD N/A
Attendance Fees
IT Society student member* or life member 45 AUD 55 AUD
IT Society member, non-student 90 AUD 110 AUD
IEEE student member or life member 90 AUD 110 AUD
IEEE member, non-student 120 AUD 140 AUD
Non-IEEE member ‡ 150 AUD 170 AUD
† IMPORTANT NOTE: We have made every effort to keep the registration fees as low as possible. For this reason, no refunds are available. ‡ Attendees may also consider joining the IEEE and IT Society to save on registration fees. IEEE Student Membership is $32/year, and a 50% discount is currently available by using the promotion code FUTURE50 during check-out. IT Society Student Membership is an additional $1. * The IEEE Information Theory Society (ITSoc) is pleased to announce it will be providing scholarships for undergraduate students from groups that are currently underrepresented in ITSoc to attend ISIT 2021.

Examples (assuming registration before June 25)

  1. Author 1 has a paper with Student 1 and another paper with Student 2. All three authors are IT Society members. Student 1 and 2 register their respective paper and attendance at 135 AUD + 45 AUD = 180 AUD each. Author 1 attends to support the students and registers separately as an attendee at 90 AUD.
  2. Author 1 has written two single-authored papers and is a member of the IEEE, but not of the IT Society. Author 1 will register as an attendee and pay two paper presentation fees: 120 AUD + 2 x 135 AUD = 390 AUD.
  3. Author 1 has a paper with Student 1 and another paper with Student 2. None are IEEE members. Author 1 registers both papers and own attendance in order to present both papers: 2 x 135 AUD + 150 AUD = 420 AUD. Optionally, the students may also separately register for networking and accessing the program for 150 AUD each. See ‡.
  4. A non-author IEEE life member (who is not an IT Society member) registers to attend ISIT 2021 for networking and accessing the program at 90 AUD.

The success of the ISIT 2021 virtual conference is highly reliant on active online interaction of many participants. We encourage all co-authors of accepted papers to register as attendees, even though they are not presenting. If you are a senior author, we encourage supporting your junior co-authors to register as presenters or attendees.