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Live Entertainment

Dawson & Chavez Poster

12th July (14:15 AEST): Sit back and relax while two of Australia's best vocalists bring you some great tunes from their home in Melbourne, Australia. Together, the musical talents, charisma and stagecraft emanated by Dawson & Chavez is second to none. Specializing in all of your favorite songs wherever you are around the world, you'll find yourself immersed in the music, the moment and the magic that comes with these two enigmatic performers. A performance not to be missed.

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Names Games & Rock 'n' Roll Poster

18th July (21:15 AEST): It's time to have some fun... Downunder! A game show hosted by one of the most sought after and cheekiest MC's in town, Names Games & Rock 'n' Roll is the best time you can possibly have at work... Except for that ONE Christmas party that time... It's an engaging and fun-filled game show that combines your love of music, games and general knowledge in a laugh-out-loud, virtual format. And laughter is something we could all use a little bit more of right now. If you're looking to put back the smile that Covid stole, then let's get stuck into Names, Games & Rock n Roll. It's an Australian theme so we want to see your Aussie backgrounds, your jars of Vegemite or your pet pythons! Let's get creative. There are great prizes to be won.

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