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Paper IDD5-S3-T2.1
Paper Title Two-Way Lossy Compression of Product Sources With a Helper
Authors Yinfei Xu, Qizhou Guo, Jian Lu, Zhicheng Liu, Southeast University, China; Xuan Guang, Nankai University, China
Session D5-S3-T2: Lossy Distributed Source Coding
Chaired Session: Friday, 16 July, 22:40 - 23:00
Engagement Session: Friday, 16 July, 23:00 - 23:20
Abstract In this paper, we investigate a two-way lossy source coding problem, where both users have access to a common message from a helper encoder. When the correlated sources are a product of two reversely degraded components, we characterize the rate-distortion region. The converse part for {this mismatched case} is proved by suitably applying the enhancement argument. We combine the Heegard-Berger scheme and the Wyner-Ziv encoding to obtain the achievability part.