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Paper IDD1-S2-T4.2
Paper Title Distributed Quantum Faithful Simulation and Function Computation Using Algebraic Structured Measurements
Authors Touheed Anwar Atif, S. Sandeep Pradhan, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, United States
Session D1-S2-T4: Quantum Shannon Theory
Chaired Session: Monday, 12 July, 22:20 - 22:40
Engagement Session: Monday, 12 July, 22:40 - 23:00
Abstract We consider the task of faithfully simulating a distributed quantum measurement and function computation, and demonstrate a new achievable rate-region. For this, we develop the technique of randomly generating algebraic structured POVMs. To overcome the challenges caused by algebraic construction, we develop (i) a Pruning Trace inequality which is a tighter version of the known operator Markov inequality and (ii) a covering lemma which does not require the operator Chernoff inequality and hence applicable to pairwise-independent codewords. We demonstrate rate gains for this problem over traditional coding schemes and provide a multi-party distributed faithful simulation and function computation protocol.