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Paper IDD4-S7-T4.2
Paper Title Detecting Deletions and Insertions in Concatenated Strings
Authors Serge Kas Hanna, Rawad Bitar, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Session D4-S7-T4: Insertions/Deletions III
Chaired Session: Friday, 16 July, 00:00 - 00:20
Engagement Session: Friday, 16 July, 00:20 - 00:40
Abstract We study codes that can detect the exact number of deletions and insertions in concatenated binary strings. We construct optimal codes for the case of detecting up to $\delta$ deletions. We prove the optimality of these codes by deriving a converse result which shows that the redundancy of our codes is asymptotically optimal in $\delta$ among all families of deletion detecting codes; and particularly optimal among all block-by-block decodable codes. For the case of insertions, we construct codes that can detect up to 2 insertions in each concatenated binary string.