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Paper IDD4-S7-T1.1
Paper Title Common Randomness Generation over Slow Fading Channels
Authors Rami Ezzine, Moritz Wiese, Christian Deppe, Holger Boche, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Session D4-S7-T1: Common Randomness Generation
Chaired Session: Friday, 16 July, 00:00 - 00:20
Engagement Session: Friday, 16 July, 00:20 - 00:40
Abstract This paper analyzes the problem of common randomness (CR) generation from correlated discrete sources aided by unidirectional communication over Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) slow fading channels with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and arbitrary state distribution. Slow fading channels are practically relevant in many situations in wireless communications. We completely solve the SISO slow fading case by establishing its corresponding outage CR capacity using our characterization of its channel outage capacity. The generated CR could be exploited to improve the performance gain in the identification scheme. The latter is known to be more efficient than the classical transmission scheme in many new applications, which demand ultra-reliable low latency communication.