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Paper IDD3-S1-T2.1
Paper Title Encoding and Decoding Construction D' Lattices for Power-Constrained Communications
Authors Fan Zhou, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan; Arini Fitri, Khoirul Anwar, Telkom University, Indonesia; Brian M. Kurkoski, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Session D3-S1-T2: Lattice Coding
Chaired Session: Wednesday, 14 July, 22:00 - 22:20
Engagement Session: Wednesday, 14 July, 22:20 - 22:40
Abstract This paper focuses on the encoding and decoding of Construction D' coding lattices that can be used with shaping lattices for power-constrained channels. Two encoding methods and a decoding algorithm for Construction D' lattices are given. A design of quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check (QC-LDPC) codes to form Construction D' lattices is presented. This allows construction of nested lattice codes which are good for coding, good for shaping, and have low-complexity encoding and decoding. Numerical results using $E_8$, $BW_{16}$ and Leech lattices for shaping a Construction D' lattice indicate that the shaping gains 0.65 dB, 0.86 dB and 1.03 dB are preserved, respectively.