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Paper IDD5-S4-T2.2
Paper Title On the Duality Between the BSC and Quantum PSC
Authors Narayanan Rengaswamy, The University of Arizona, United States; Henry Pfister, Duke University, United States
Session D5-S4-T2: Coding for Quantum Channels
Chaired Session: Friday, 16 July, 23:00 - 23:20
Engagement Session: Friday, 16 July, 23:20 - 23:40
Abstract In 2018, Renes developed a general theory of channel duality for classical-input quantum-output channels. His result shows that several duality results for linear codes on the BEC can be extended to general classical channels via quantum-mechanical dual problems. One special case is a connection between channel coding on the quantum pure-state channel (PSC) and coding for wire-tap secrecy on the classical BSC, and vice-versa. While this result has important implications for classical coding, the machinery behind the general duality result is challenging for non-quantum researchers. In this work, we leverage the square-root measurement and the Fourier duality of linear codes to give an alternate derivation of this special case by computing closed-form expressions for the performance metrics.