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Paper IDD6-S7-T3.2
Paper Title Revisiting Context-Tree Weighting for Bayesian Inference
Authors Ioannis Papageorgiou, Ioannis Kontoyiannis, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Lambros Mertzanis, University of Maryland, United States; Athina Panotopoulou, Dartmouth College, United States; Maria Skoularidou, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Session D6-S7-T3: Inference
Chaired Session: Tuesday, 20 July, 00:00 - 00:20
Engagement Session: Tuesday, 20 July, 00:20 - 00:40
Abstract We revisit the statistical foundation of the celebrated context tree weighting (CTW) algorithm, and we develop a Bayesian modelling framework for the class of higher-order, variable-memory Markov chains, along with an associated collection of methodological tools for exact inference for discrete time series. In addition to deterministic algorithms that learn the a posteriori most likely models and compute their posterior probabilities, we introduce a family of variable-dimension Markov chain Monte Carlo samplers, facilitating further exploration of the posterior. The performance of the proposed methods in model selection, Markov order estimation and prediction is illustrated through simulation experiments and real-world applications.